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Streaming protection

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

One of the leaders in next generation antivirus security has created their newest form of protection. Carbon Black a Waltham MA, USA company has released “streaming prevention”, this Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) combines a breakthrough prevention model with existing leading detection and prevention software. This new product can scan and prevent malwares and non- malware assaults.

Non-malware attacks have been growing continuously for years. They don’t infect your machines they lay dormant. They usually gain access to your machines by using some native operating system tools like PowerShell. Then the non-malware will exploit other applications and “live off the land.” The non-malware attacks are harder to find and can do more damage than some traditional malware.

Streaming prevention how does it work?

It leverages event stream processing; this is the same tech used for day trading algorithms. This technology revolutionized day trading software and may do the same for Carbon Blacks products.

The steady stream of computer activity provides a risk profile that “streaming prevention uses to create a risk profile and can go to work to prevent any malware from progressing.

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