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Our predictions for the year 2017: Cyber-security education is going to be important! The year in cyber-security is soon coming to an eventful end. In this article we will look back at some of the biggest events and lasting memories of security threats for 2016. Most 2016 predictions were to some extent true. There was great growth in online ransomware, smart phones and other smart devices were hacked, and the need for specific personal in the security work force has seen an increase in demand. The exponential growth in ransomware attacks and their successes was the biggest winner. This dramatic increase of ransomware in 2017 probably won’t continue, the ransomware attacks should reach some small plateau. However, the cyber bullies will find new ways to penetrate our forces.
Let’s give an example of a really profitable phishing technique and various other fraudulent techniques which can earn criminals millions of dollars. Keith McMurtry was the corporate controller for Scoular. The 124-year-old company trades grain and has storage facilities throughout the USA. When he was asked by his CEO to wire $17.2m to an offshore account he didn’t think twice about it. His chief executive told Mr. McMurtry that their firm was in negotiations to acquire a Chinese company. Chuck, the CEO, also told Mike that this was of high priority and strictly confidential, nobody was to know. Mike was to work directly with an attorney at KPMG, and that the money transfer would go through KPMG’s account.
The newest operating system by Windows has claimed to be the most secure so far. IT pros across the board say that with all its advanced features and up to date technological advancements Windows 10 should surpass all others in terms of safety and online surfing.