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Ransomware made over 1 Billion last year - Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Ransomware is a booming business for the criminals who have decided this is the way to make money in the future. How much money you may ask? The ransomware activist took in nearly 1 billion in pilfered loot during 2016. The process of using ransomware to encrypt or delete files is a highly persuasive method to get people to pay up or risk losing all their data. Some notable payees were Hollywood Presbyterian Hospitals in California they paid over $17000 to retrieve their highly private patient files and medical histories.
Tips to improve your cyber security - Thursday, January 5, 2017
In 2016 we saw malware more than double compared to last year and the means of invasion have become more advanced. The hackers have been creating new and better ways to infiltrate your pc, laptop or mobile. Ransomware hit some new highs and the bitcoin payment service is surging to the next level. Antivirus software is your first line of defense against these forms of malware and is required in all your devices, yes even your Mac. The antivirus software companies usually offer a free version which can be downloaded from many reliable and trusted sources. These free versions can block the main bulk of the millions of malware strains sent out every year, but still these programs can’t avoid the weakest link “you”, human error is the main loophole for hackers to exploit. When someone downloads a malicious file, they are voluntarily if not unknowingly allowing malware to enter their machines. Additionally, clicking on an email link or opening an email attachment which may hold a payload of nastiness, is the cons man’s way of entering your systems.
Apple iCloud calendar is causing people email spam pain! Apples iCloud calendar has been annoying people lately. The main reason for this negative report is the recent holiday offers flooding their inboxes. The Cupertino based firm has taken these disgruntled remarks from their users to heart, and they have addresses it and presented it to their employees. Well, Apples group of brilliant employees have come up with a solution. They have added a “Report Junk” feature. The new feature will be used for reporting spam invitation emails, then the annoying emails will be blocked, from sending future emails.