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Welcome to our GFI Software page. We can offer you affordable and easy-to-use IT solutions that enable businesses to discover, manage and secure their networks.

GFI Software offer best in class best source software and hosted solutions in the field of web and mail security for SMBs, also offers archiving and fax and network security. Thanks to innovative technology, and an aggressive pricing strategy and a strong focus on the specific requirements of small and medium-sized organizations, GFI satisfies the needs of SMB’s on a global scale.

The company was founded in 1992 and has offices in the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Australia, Malta, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Romania and other parts of the world the maintain and support  more than 200,000 installations

We understand the challenges and opportunities your business faces. And it’s our business to help you succeed, secure your network while saving you time and money. We keep technology simple, but offer expert help and resources should you need them.

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Product line

Why buy GFI products?

GFI Mail Essentials

Business spam filtering, Email security, Content policy enforcement.

GFI Archiver

Company archive optimization, Secure archiving for compliance.

GFI Fax Maker

Email faxing, Leverages various applications, business process improvements.

GFI Fax Maker online

Electronic faxing, Direct faxing via email system, Multiple platform support.

GFI Web Monitor

Monitor and control all web activity, mange Bandwidth and internet usage for cutting costs, secure downloads for uptime and peace of mind.


Network and software auditing, patch management for Windows, Mac OS< and Linux, Vulnerability assessment for computers, mobile4 network and devices

GFI End Point Security

Data leakage assessment, data security and awareness, access control.

GFI Events Manager

Log monitoring and management, IT infrastructure monitoring, log data consolidation.

Our achievements

ESET Platinum Partner Avira Platinum Partner Kaspersky Gold Partner AVG Gold Partner ESET Partner Centrum ESET Top Partner Kerio Prefered Partner BitDefender Gold Partner GFI Silver Partner ESET Security Partner Norton Silver Partner